San Francisco Licensing Agreement Attorney Helps Artists, Celebrities, Designers and Inventors Control and Monetize their Intellectual Property

Knowledgeable attorney protects your right to profit from your creation

Contemporary technology presents creators with a paradox: it is now incredibly easy to disseminate your intellectual property, but, across many industries, it is harder than ever to monetize that product. Fergus, A Law Office appreciates the dilemmas that creative professionals face. It’s enormously frustrating to have your creative product stolen out from under you or to be told that signing your rights away will somehow be good for your career. I understand that artists need to get paid. I have the experience to negotiate licensing agreements that protect your rights, so you can realize income commensurate with the value of your creative work.  When necessary, I can help you limit within the confines of the law and realities of the world marketplace, unauthorized use of your intellectual property.

Preeminent representation from technology to entertainment

To negotiate a successful licensing agreement, your attorney must understand the market for your intellectual property and the distribution channels through which it could potentially be monetized. My office in San Francisco makes me perfectly situated to assist professionals in the high-tech field and the entertainment industry. Over the course of my practice, I’ve represented:

  • Celebrities
  • Inventors
  • Musicians
  • Software designers
  • Visual artists
  • Writers

Whether you’ve created a new algorithm for social networking, composed a song, written a novel, or have marketing potential for your image and likeness, I can help you form beneficial agreements with industry professionals.

Quality representation levels the playing field with major corporations

As in the past, creators today must contend with unauthorized use and exploitative licensing agreements that are heavily one-sided, favoring the grantee over the grantor. As your legal representative, my job is to help you balance the power. Fortunately, I have the knowledge, experience and legal acumen to match the legal resources of major corporations, and to assert your rights to the legal protections you need and for which you have the market power to demand. I know how to structure a license to provide a fair royalty structure with appropriate contingencies and an accurate tracking mechanism.

Turning disputes into profitable relationships

I have represented authors, entrepreneurs and artists.  I have negotiated complex license agreements with vendors who started out as infringers but who wanted to continue to use the work under a license agreement. Rather than continuing to litigate, I was able to negotiate a long-term contract with significant royalties, plus arrange to have the vendor prominently display the philanthropic work done by my client on their webpage. This is only one of a stream of licenses that I have negotiated on behalf of this client.

I represent a publisher of legal texts. I negotiated the sale of copyright interests from the heirs of the author to the publishing company in exchange for a royalty stream and advised the company with respect to establishing its legal relationship with new authors.

I represented the plaintiffs in the final hearing on the class action settlement In Re Literary Works. I was one of the driving forces bringing all the parties together to get the settlement done after 14 years of litigation, including a decision by the United States Supreme Court and two decisions by the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The multi-million dollar settlement was finally approved by the court and is being implemented. During the course of the case, I was originally responsible for expert preparation and data analysis. I was also one of four key negotiators over the 14 year period.

Guard your IP rights with a specific, enforceable license agreement. Call Fergus today!

If you are serious about generating income from your intellectual property or your image and likeness, you need a well-crafted license agreement. Fergus, A Law Office, has the experience necessary to negotiate a sound agreement for your creative industry. To schedule an appointment, call me today at 415.537.9030 or contact our office online. My office is conveniently located in downtown San Francisco.