Trial Practice


San Francisco Attorney Tries High-Value Civil Lawsuits

Decades of experience in multimillion-dollar state and federal court cases

The trial practice at Fergus, A Law Office encompasses numerous areas of substantive law and several industries. I have more than 35 years of complex civil litigation experience, during which I played a principal role in state and federal court cases that eventually settled for hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars. I bring an exceptional level of legal knowledge to bear in the cases I accept, bolstered by a passion to serve my clients to the best of my abilities. My experience has taught me that often a few key witnesses and documents make the difference between winning and losing.  My approach is exhaustive, hands-on preparation, so that I am intimately familiar with key evidence and witnesses that could influence the outcome. Yet, ultimately, it is the presentation of the case that matters. From my opening statement to my closing argument, I build a powerful case to convince judge and jury.

Nationally-recognized trial lawyer manages every aspect of litigation

I recognize that successful trial advocacy is a combination of art and science, and employ both in constructing a powerful case to achieve my client’s goals. The noteworthy aspects of my trial practice include:

  • Lead Counsel or Co-Lead Counsel — I have been the lead attorney on several high-profile cases requiring coordination with numerous co-counsels. These cases also require a synthesis of evidence from diverse sources into a cohesive, comprehensive and comprehensible narrative.
  • Evidence management — I was an early adopter of specialized litigation management software that heightens my ability to process and organize reams of evidence, mastering the minute details that often determine the outcome of a complex case.
  • Expert preparation for trial — Due to my thorough grasp of evidentiary details and ability to scale the steep learning curves in specialized areas of knowledge, I am able to capitalize on expert analysis of forensic evidence. I prepare expert witnesses to give pointed testimony emphasizing the elements necessary to advance the case.
  • Litigation crisis intervention — I have often joined complex, high-value litigation that is already in progress, on the invitation of litigation attorneys seeking an experienced trial lawyer. I have provided the impetus for appropriate settlements in many stalled cases.
  • Persuading the jury — Persuasion is the sine qua non of trial practice.  Credibly presenting the evidence to the jury that demonstrates why the right result is also the one that is right for client under the law is the essential trait of a trial lawyer.

My judgment rests upon a firm commitment to legal ethics. While the case is ultimately yours, I offer sage advice on what is possible within the limits of the law and legal ethics. Rather than being a limiting factor, my reputation for ethical practice casts me as a zealous advocate for my clients’ interests within the bounds of the law, which often facilitates negotiations leading to mutually acceptable resolutions.

Retain a skilled and committed trial lawyer for complex litigation

Fergus, A Law Office draws on decades of experience in high-stakes, complex civil litigation. A passion to serve my clients drives my preparation for trial.  To schedule a consultation, call my San Francisco office at 415.537.9030 or contact me online.