Expert Preparation for Trial

San Francisco Trial Attorney Manages Expert Witness Testimony

Proven methods leverage authority and credibility for maximum benefit

Complex civil and commercial trials can often turn into a battle of the experts, with authorities on either side of an issue testifying for plaintiffs and the defense. Many elements of a case may warrant the experience and opinion of expert witnesses.  Cases often turn on the authority and credibility of an expert witness, so it’s crucial for your attorney to select the right expert and properly manage every aspect of that expert’s participation in the case. For more than 35 years, I have identified, prepared and presented expert witnesses to give testimony on key issues. I’ve managed every task related to expert testimony, which includes:

  • Identifying areas where expert testimony is necessary
  • Soliciting the expert
  • Reviewing the expert’s written report
  • Developing the testimony within the theme of the litigation
  • Determining the scope of the expert’s testimony
  • Direct and re-direct examination
  • Cross-examination of opponent’s witnesses
  • Engaging and preparing rebuttal witnesses

I understand the strategic purpose and practical effects of putting an expert on the witness stand, and I work diligently to ensure that the experts I call have the experience and credibility with a jury to provide the assistance needed by the jury in reaching the right answer.

Setting high standards for expert witness participation

Two factors make an expert witness effective: authority and credibility. Authority stems from a person’s learning and accomplishments in a particular field. Since my offices are situated in San Francisco, I have easy access to great minds at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University and Silicon Valley. Credibility is often more difficult to gauge. Demeanor, tone and appearance all contribute. But of paramount importance is the ability to convey specialized information in simple, comprehensible terms so that a jury understands the basis for an opinion. Finally, juries are wary of hired guns, even when they shoot straight. For that reason, the best expert may be one who has never testified as an expert before. I devote a great deal of thought and energy to making the right selection, because expert testimony is so often the key to success in settlement and at trial.

Learning from experts and adapting litigation strategy to fit the facts

I have found that retaining the best possible experts and listening to their opinions based upon the evidence is essential to developing the best trial strategy.

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Expert testimony is often the deciding factor in complex civil and commercial litigation. When you retain attorney Gary Fergus, you get the benefit of decades of experience, which includes the successful use of expert witness testimony. To schedule a consultation, call 415.537.9030 or contact my  Fergus, A Law Office online.