Litigation Crisis Intervention

Accomplished SF Trial Lawyer Performs Litigation Crisis Intervention

Critical assistance from trouble-shooting strategy to lead counsel at trial

The complexities of high-stakes civil and commercial litigation can be overwhelming. There are moments, in the course of trial preparation, when a client or the legal team may feel the need for a fresh perspective from an experienced litigator. There are also rare occurrences when unavoidable circumstances, such as poor health or the disclosure of a conflict of interest, can force a lead counsel to withdraw even though trial is imminent. Having litigated complex cases at a high level for more than 35 years, I have the knowledge, skill and experience to assist during moments of crisis, and remedy problems that might otherwise derail a case. I have made myself available to assist litigants and their legal teams who need someone with my skill set at a critical moment.

Consultation and lead counsel services for complex litigation

A crisis presents both danger and opportunity. When circumstances arise that cast doubt on your case, it’s often helpful to step back and do a reappraisal of its key elements. I assist clients and their legal teams in assessing the merits of their overall litigation strategy and isolated tactics.  I have experience evaluating cases set for trial and providing a second opinion as to the risks and benefits of going forward. You may not get the answer you want, but you will get an experience-based evaluation of the strengths and weakness of your case. Under appropriate (and extraordinary) circumstances, I can also step in as lead trial counsel. Not every attorney is willing to make a quick study and get up to speed on short notice to “right the ship,” but I have proven myself capable on numerous occasions.

Ethical considerations when entering ongoing litigation

Fergus, A Law Office places a premium on the ethical practice of the law. Therefore, any intervention into ongoing civil or commercial litigation where a client is already represented must pass strict scrutiny. The ideal circumstances for my participation are when client and counsel agree that my contribution may help them to be successful. My interest in assuming any role in ongoing litigation is to help ensure that a meritorious case has the best fighting chance at a positive outcome. I am happy to confer with litigants and legal teams who feel my mix of experience and skill can enhance their prospects for success.

For an experienced opinion on your civil or commercial litigation, contact Fergus, A Law Office

In high-stakes civil or commercial litigation, it’s often prudent to get a second opinion from an experienced trial attorney. At Fergus, A Law Office, you can consult with a preeminent trial lawyer who has successfully managed cases where billions of dollars were at issue. To schedule a consultation, call 415.537.9030 or contact my San Francisco office online.