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Credible arguments and passionate delivery

The most effective presentations to juries enable them to apply the law to the evidence presented to reach the right result.  My experience teaches me that simplifying the trial down to the essential elements and organizing the evidence presented for the jury’s consideration in an easily comprehensible way is one of the best ways to help the jury reach the right result.  Complex, high-stakes civil and commercial litigation are no different.   At Fergus, A Law Office, I focus intently on developing a credible theme for your litigation, supported by strong evidence and presented with sincere conviction. I have honed my craft over more than 35 years of complex civil and commercial trials.

Effective arguments

The art of persuasion depends on connecting with the jury, demonstrating credibility and inviting them to look at the evidence with an open mind. As trial counsel in numerous cases where hundreds of millions of dollars were at stake, I have the experience, skill and dedication to present a clear and convincing argument in the cases I undertake.

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The decision to take a case to trial is an important one for every client.  Fergus, A Law Office provides skilled, experienced trial representation in complex civil and commercial actions. To schedule a consultation, call 415.537.9030 or contact my San Francisco office online.