Finding Creative Solutions For Complex Problems

At Fergus, A Law Office, no legal problem is too big or complex for me to tackle on your behalf. From sophisticated civil litigation matters to complicated restraint of trade disputes, I am passionate about solving compelling legal problems for aggrieved individuals and businesses.

Is someone using your copyrighted or trademarked work without permission?

I can help you enforce your intellectual property rights, fight infringement of your protected work and seek compensation for your damages.

Do you believe someone has misappropriated your trade secrets?

Don’t let competitors get away with siphoning off your profits through unlawful practices. I can help you take quick action to limit harm to your business and reputation.

Was your California protected personal right of publicity violated?

Don’t be victimized by the unauthorized commercialization of your likeness. I can help you determine the best course for seeking a remedy when your likeness has been used without permission.

Have your rights as a beneficiary been violated or your conduct as a fiduciary challenged?

If you’ve taken or been assigned legal responsibility to manage the affairs of another, you have legal rights. When your rights have been infringed, I have the experience and judgment to help.

Finding A Solution To Your Legal Problem

How do you find competent legal help? How do you know who to trust when so much is at stake? At Fergus, A Law Office, my number one priority is your well-being. I will listen to your concerns, develop a strategy that focuses on solving your dilemma and follow-through on that strategy to your betterment. With a thorough understanding of the law and a true passion for making people’s lives better, I am fully dedicated to finding a solution that resolves your legal issue and satisfies your needs.

With over 35 years of experience resolving disputes in court and at the negotiating table, I can help you analyze your problem, implement a strategy to resolve your legal problem and execute that strategy to achieve the results you desire. From complicated intellectual property issues to intricate business matters, no legal issue is too daunting for me to tackle on your behalf. With me by your side, you have all my legal knowledge and trial experience working towards solving your problem.

Helping You Solve Complicated Problems

Icon Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement
Protecting artists’ and entrepreneurs’ creative rights through copyright

Icon Entertainment Agreements
Entertainment Agreements
Negotiating fair agreements and protecting your rights to your image and likeness
Icon Fiduciary Rights
Fiduciary Rights
Helping fiduciaries and beneficiaries recover losses due to mismanagement
Icon Licensing Agreements
Licensing Agreements
Leveraging licensing agreements to protect your right to profit from your IP
Icon Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets
Safeguarding your trade secret and curbing misappropriation through litigation

Icon Restraint Of Trade
Restraint Of Trade
Protecting your company from illegal business practices that suppress competition
Icon Trial Representation
Nondisclosure Agreements
Resolving your complex NDA issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible
Icon Trial Representation
Trial Representation
Representing clients in multi-million dollar state and federal trials nationwide
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Experience. Judgment. Passion.

When Your Well-Being Is At Stake, You Can Count On Me To Protect Your Rights

When you have a complex legal problem, you deserve an attorney who understands what you want to achieve and has the experience and ability to make that happen. At Fergus, A Law Office, my goal is to help you achieve the result you desire. With over 35 years of legal experience, I am able to honestly and accurately evaluate and advise you on issues involving:

  • Intellectual property rights  Artist? Entrepreneur? Protect your creative rights in connection with copyright, licensing, entertainment media, trade secrets and the use of your image and likeness.
  • Business interests — Will the proposed agreement or contract protect your business interests? What does signing a non-disclosure agreement mean? If you have doubts about what you signed, get a second opinion.
  • Fiduciary rights  I thoroughly understand the unique responsibilities of fiduciaries and the need to protect beneficiaries who may not be in a position to protect themselves—and I can use this knowledge to help you protect your fiduciary rights.

Representative Clients

“My experience spans a vast array of clients and industries, and I have a proven track record”

Representative Cases

“My experience spans a vast array of clients and industries, and I have a proven track record”

Representative Cases

Mr. Fergus represented a shareholder in a breach of fiduciary duty case involving the improper transfer of valuable international subsidiary assets to another corporation. (2011 Settled)

Resolving Complex Disputes For Over 35 Years

Dedicated To Your Well-Being

For more than 35 years, I practiced in a large, full-service law firm, where I rose to be one of its leading trial lawyers, representing Fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals. I am well-known as the primary trial lawyer in litigation related to the Enron scandal, which involved California and Pacific Northwest wholesale electricity and more than $3 billion dollars in electricity trades.

Today, I provide full service legal representation to clients just like you and help them solve their most important and difficult legal problems. I deliver passionate and dedicated representation to corporate clients and individuals alike, all in service of helping them achieve their ultimate goal. To schedule a consultation and find out how I can help you, call me at 866-256-5487 or contact me online. From my office in San Francisco, I help people throughout California and the entire United States.

Let Me Help You Resolve Your Complex Dispute. Call Me Today At 866-256-5487