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Outside representation may help fulfill your fiduciary duty

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As an attorney, you fill a very important and specific role in the lives of your clients. They depend on you to have experience and knowledge in handling cases like the one they have brought to you. Attorneys can build their careers around a tiny niche area of the law, making them able to advocate better for their clients.

When it comes to civil litigation, many attorneys choose to have a broad practice that allows them to work with clients for a number of different kinds of legal concerns. You might rely on your negotiating skills or other assets as an attorney to outweigh your lack of specific experience in a particular area of law.

However, in some cases, it may benefit you and your clients to acknowledge a gap in your experience. Working with another attorney to help build a case can benefit your clients. In fact, in some circumstances, it may be part of your fiduciary duty to the people who hire you to partner with someone who better understands a particular area of California law.

If you don’t have the knowledge, you need to work with someone who does

Your clients place a lot of trust in your skills and abilities when they hire you to help them build a case for civil court or defend against a pending lawsuit. Even if they don’t pay you an up front retainer, they are likely trusting you with an issue that will shape the direction of their life for years to come.

You have an obligation to them as their lawyer to work in their best interests with every decision that you make. This obligation or fiduciary duty may require that you admit when you don’t know something or don’t feel confident about your ability to win a case on your own. By doing so, you can help ensure that you and your clients get the advice and support you need.

Instead of alienating or upsetting your clients, choosing to bring in outside counsel to help you with a civil case could show them how dedicated you are to winning on their behalf. They may be impressed with your honesty and ability to put your ego aside for their benefit. If not, they will probably realize that two heads are better than one when it comes to complex legal issues.

Working with another attorney offers a host of advantages

Consulting or partnering with an attorney with more experience in a certain area of law will help you achieve greater success as a professional. It can also help you develop experience in that area, making it easier for you to handle similar cases in the future. It will also benefit your clients, as more expertise and professional assistance will improve their chances of a positive outcome.



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