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Forever 21 accused of multiple intellectual property violations

Contractual arrangements can give rise to significant opportunities for those in the entertainment industry. However, because there is often so much at stake, the negotiation process can be long and difficult. In many instances, the parties simply can't come to an agreement. Far too often in these instances, one of the parties acts in a way that still violates the other's rights.

Cardi B sued for allegedly violating man's right to publicity

With our ever-expanding digitized world it may seem like our privacy is going by the wayside. While that may be true to a certain extent, there are still laws in place that can protect individuals' likenesses from being misappropriated for financial gain. However, these protections are not self-effectuating. Instead, individuals need to take active efforts to ensure they are protecting their right to utilize their likeness and personality.

Band Iron Maiden alleges trademark infringement

Entertainment law, including copyright and trademark law, can be extremely complex. While infringement on one's intellectual property rights can easily be seen in some cases, in other instances the actions in question seem to skirt around the blurry edges of what is deemed legal. In both scenarios, all parties involved need competent legal representation to make sure they are protecting themselves as fully as possible. After all, there can be extensive financial resources, credit, and reputation on the line.

Entertainment law: Jackson's estate claims HBO breached contract

The terms of a contract can have a tremendous impact on the way business is conducted in the entertainment industry. This means that those who fail to take active steps to protect their rights may see themselves being taken advantage of. For this reason, those engaged in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to contracts, should carefully consider seeking out legal assistance before moving forward with an agreement.

Entertainment law and the preliminary injunction

Those who enter into the realm of entertainment typically wind up possessing a bundle of rights. An individual may acquire copyrights to a number of creative works, but the protections don't end there. For example, an individual has the right to prevent others from benefiting from his or her likeness without authorization. Personality and life rights can have tremendous value, too, so those who infringe on those rights can wind up stealing significant financial resources.

Helping people defend their personality rights

People know that California is a place where many wealthy and famous people live. In addition to the celebrities who congregate particularly in the southern part of this state, there are many wealthy business people, including pioneers in the technology industry, who call the San Francisco area and other parts of Northern California their home.

Nondisclosure Agreements In Light Of The Weinstein Scandal

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal-as well as other recent sexual harassment accusations against a wide range of public figures-non-disclosure agreements have come under scrutiny. While NDAs can be used for good-protecting company secrets, for instance-they can also have a chilling effect on an employee's willingness to report instances of harassment and abuse at the hands of senior executives.

Staying informed: California's right of publicity law

When someone uses your likeness for profit, shouldn't you have some control over how your image or voice gets used? In states like California, specific laws exist to ensure that you stay in charge of your unique identity and control how you're portrayed. As with many laws, however, you may need to take action to uphold your rights.

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