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For more than a century, antitrust legislation has protected businesses and consumers from illegal business practices that suppress competition and reduce economic freedom. Unfortunately, corporations that dominate the marketplace still exhibit anticompetitive behavior. Even in Silicon Valley, we’ve seen “robber baron” tactics drive down prices for components and wages for workers. If your business or professional career has suffered due to collusion, price-fixing, territorial restrictions, refusals to deal or any other illegal, anticompetitive actions, Fergus, A Law Office can help. With more than 35 years of complex civil litigation experience, I have the knowledge and skill necessary to assert your rights to injunctive relief and monetary damages.

Pursuing an action for restraint of trade against a US or foreign corporation

The Sherman Antitrust Act allows the US government to pursue criminal charges and private citizens to seek civil remedies against persons and entities that unreasonably restrict competition. It doesn’t matter whether the defendants are American or foreign entities. If their actions affect interstate commerce in the US, they are potential defendants.  It is fundamental to a restraint of trade claim to identify the relevant market being affected by the defendant(s) activities.  The anti-trust laws prohibit agreements or conspiracies to limit competition in relevant markets which cause damage or monopolistic behavior in relevant markets which cause damage.

How Fergus can help your restraint of trade case

Restraint of trade cases are very often David v. Goliath endeavors, where plaintiffs easily find themselves overmatched. My knowledge, skill, resources and experience can help level the playing field for small-to-mid-sized companies who must challenge industry giants with seemingly endless legal resources.  In my trial practice, I utilize cutting-edge litigation technology that allows me to process vast amounts of documentary evidence as efficiently as possible. Restraint of trade cases turn on evidence of collusion or monopolistic behavior and damage gleaned from the relevant antitrust market. By working with experts in analyzing transactional data and measuring market concentration, together we can start to form a clear picture of illegal conduct and economic harm.

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