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Handling copyright violations as a musician

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Copyright Law |

If you work in the music industry, our law office knows the multiple pressures you likely face. For smaller artists who have a modest but strong support base, it is especially disheartening when one’s work is stolen and no credit is given. For example, if you are a DJ who makes electronic music and you notice that another artist has used some of your work for their own gain, this is very upsetting (especially if they see success as a result of your work without asking for your permission or giving you any credit).

It is imperative to handle copyright violations correctly and have a clear understanding of your rights.

Identifying copyright violations

Sometimes, a musician notices that someone else’s music is very similar to their own but slightly different. On the other hand, some people blatantly copy another musician’s work and try to pass it off as their own. Identifying copyright violations is especially tricky for smaller musicians because many people are not familiar with their work and some copyright violations go unnoticed. Sometimes, a musician does not realize that their work was misused until years later.

Filing suit over copyright violations

When copyright violations are uncovered, it is imperative to handle the situation carefully. Some people are able to resolve the matter without filing a lawsuit, while others have to take their case to court. If another artist has seen success as a result of using your work without permission, it is imperative to stand up for your rights and our blog covers other topics related to copyright infringement.



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