My Unique Legal Approach

Complex Dispute Resolution

When your case involves a complex legal issue, I can help you develop and implement a thorough, creative and effective solution. I have experience tackling the tough issues, the complicated cases that require in-depth research, quick thinking and extreme litigation experience. For over 35 years, I have been helping people confront complex issues and delivering positive results.

At Fergus, A Law Office, my true passion is not in any particular legal discipline — rather, it’s in helping people confront and resolve significant legal problems. Whether those issues arise in fiduciary right situations, intellectual property matters or complex civil or business litigation cases, I have the confidence, drive and sound judgment to help you prevail. You can learn more by calling my San Francisco office at 866-256-5487.

Solving Complex Problems With Experience, Judgment And Passion

With a wealth of litigation experience — and billions of dollars in settlement and verdict awards — I thrive on helping individuals and businesses alike come out on top in complicated disputes. I provide the level of representation one might expect to find only in a large law firm — but in a more personal, comprehensive manner that focuses on their needs and goals.

What sets me apart from other boutique law firms?

  • Experience — Since 1979, I have been helping clients litigate some of the most complex cases our court systems have seen. From the Enron case to representing the interests of thousands of unknown claimants in fiduciary rights cases, I know how to litigate and get results.
  • Judgment — Because of this experience, I have the ability to make sound judgment calls in tight situations. I understand what needs to be achieved and how to achieve it. I also understand how to effectively present your case to increase the odds of winning.
  • Passion — My true passion is solving problems and helping people. As an attorney, I have the great opportunity to help people recover the compensation and legal rights they deserve. I am genuinely dedicated to putting my clients’ interests first.

Finding Smart Solutions For Tough Legal Problems

I understand what juries will find compelling. And I understand how to present complicated information to them in a way that they will understand and sympathize with. I will thoroughly review all the evidence in your case — whether that evidence be large amounts of data or boxes of licensing agreements — and transform it into a compelling, straightforward story that the trier of fact can understand. Although your case may be complicated, my goal is to uncomplicate it for the jury.

If you have a complicated legal situation involving litigation, intellectual property, economic rights, fiduciary rights or another sophisticated area of law — and don’t want the impersonal approach of a large law firm — I can help. Contact me online or call 866-256-5487 for more information about how I can help solve your complex legal problem. Based in San Francisco, California, I help clients nationwide.