Finding Creative Solutions For Complex Intellectual Problems

Powerful Representation For High-Stakes Trials

After more than 35 years of experience with numerous areas of law and several industries, I bring an exceptional level of legal knowledge to your case.

My experience has taught me that key witnesses and documents, along with a compelling presentation, make the difference in gaining the best possible outcome. My approach is exhaustive, hands-on preparation, so that I am intimately familiar with every aspect of your case. From opening statement to closing argument, my goal is to build a powerful case that persuades opposing counsel, the judge and the jury that the facts and law of the case are on your side.

Confidently Managing Every Aspect Of Your Case

I recognize that successful trial advocacy is a combination of art and science — and I employ both in constructing a powerful case to achieve your goals. Noteworthy qualities include:

  • Credibility — Having served as lead counsel in several high-profile cases that required synthesizing evidence from a variety of sources into a cohesive and compelling narrative, I understand what it takes to present a credible case to the trier of fact on your behalf.
  • Analytical thinking — I was an early adopter of specialized litigation management software that heightens my ability to process and organize reams of evidence, mastering the minute details that often determine the outcome of a complex case. Due to my thorough grasp of evidentiary details and ability to scale the steep learning curves in specialized areas of knowledge, I am able to capitalize on expert analysis of forensic evidence.
  • Sound judgment — With over three decades of experience, I know when and how to compellingly present the elements necessary to advance your case.
  • Persuasive powers — Presenting evidence to others that demonstrates why the right result is also the one that is right for you under the law is essential to achieving your goals, winning your case and getting the solution you want.
  • Creativity — Sometimes, the best solution is not obvious. Because I have a deep understanding of how litigation works — its players, rules and nuances — I have the ability to think outside of the box to outmaneuver your opponent to achieve your goals.

Skilled And Committed Counsel For Complex Litigation

My judgment rests upon a firm commitment to legal ethics. I offer sound advice on what is possible within the limits of the law and legal ethics. My reputation for ethical practice casts me as a zealous advocate for your interests, which often facilitates negotiations leading to mutually acceptable resolutions. With my strong reputation for credibility and sound judgment, opposing attorneys respect my opinion, and in turn, my clients’ cases — which can help you get what you need.

At Fergus, A Law Office, I draw on my decades of experience to leverage positive outcomes in the toughest legal situations. A passion to serve people and solve problems drives me to continue helping clients find their best possible future. To schedule a consultation, call my San Francisco, California, office at 866-256-5487 or contact me online.