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In complex civil or commercial litigation matters, lead trial counsel is the captain of the ship. The lead counsel must oversee all aspects of the presentation at trial, making crucial decisions about the scope and sequence of evidence to be presented. In multiparty litigation, lead trial counsel must also manage the participation of attorneys representing clients with diverse and sometimes conflicting interests.

At Fergus, A Law Office, I have served as lead or co-lead counsel in a great number of high-stakes, complex civil and commercial cases. With over 35 years of experience, I understand how to manage difficult cases, unpack large amounts of evidence and data, and convert intricate, sprawling narratives into straightforward stories that triers of fact can understand. As lead counsel in your case, I can do the same.

Extensive Experience In High-Profile, High-Stakes Litigation

The stakes are enormous in complex civil and commercial litigation. Throughout the entirety of a case — from trial preparation to the trial itself — what drives me is a passion to deliver a just outcome for the client who has trusted me. The following is a partial list of significant litigation where I performed lead or co-lead counsel duties:

  • Represented Enron in two wholesale electricity market manipulation cases where over $5 billion was at risk
  • Represented former deputy attorney general of the United States who was appointed as fiduciary for over 43,000 individuals in a number of bankruptcy court cases involving over $2.4 billion
  • Co-lead counsel and then executive committee member in In re Literary Works in Electronic Databases, a worldwide class action brought on behalf of freelance authors against leading database and publishing defendants that settled for over $18 million
  • Represented court-appointed fiduciary responsible for over 40,000 trust beneficiaries in protecting remaining $1.8 billion in trust assets from invalid and unreliable claims filed by one law firm
  • Represented Southern Pacific Railroad in a valuation dispute over 2,500 miles of fiber optic cable buried in the railroad right of way, resulting in a verdict of more than $50 million

I have helped many clients with a variety of high-profile cases. Although no lawyer can guarantee a positive outcome, I am pleased with my record of delivering favorable results for my clients.

Pre-eminent Lead Counsel Services

For experience and ability that can make the difference in your case, contact Fergus, A Law Office. I deliver experienced and passionate representation for corporate entities and individuals embroiled in tough, complicated cases throughout California and nationwide.

When you need a credible attorney guiding your case — a proven attorney who is a leader, honest and ethical — contact Fergus, A Law Office. To schedule a consultation, call me at 866-256-5487 or contact my San Francisco-based law office online.