Finding Creative Solutions For Complex Intellectual Problems

Your Attorney Should Know The Evidence Better Than Anyone

From the smallest case to the largest, evidence management is often the key to winning. In complex commercial and civil litigation, discovery can produce thousands of documents, gigabytes of metadata and hours of testimony — all of which your legal team must sift through to find critical evidence that can make the difference in the outcome of the case.

At Fergus, A Law Office, I appreciate the extent to which “the devil is in the details.” I apply sophisticated software solutions and an old-fashioned work ethic to the problems that contemporary evidence management presents in representing clients in complex litigation. Nothing carries more weight at trial than the way a legal team obtains, reviews and evaluates evidence and then integrates it into a coherent theme. Therefore, I operate in a very hands-on manner, dedicating a great deal of my time to analyzing evidence. It is always my goal that, by the time of trial, I know the evidence better than any person associated with the litigation.

I have the knowledge and experience to guide clients through the requirements for preservation of electronic evidence, as well as practical, cost-effective electronic discovery.

High-Tech Solutions For Document Review And Analysis

I have found that in most cases, the processing of documentary evidence is vital to understanding what happened and who was involved. Wherever possible, I use sophisticated software to enable identification of key evidence, often even if it’s buried in an avalanche of documents and data. In most disputes, the key evidence boils down to a handful of documents and witnesses that will make a difference in the outcome. I have the experience and judgment to find those documents and witnesses and to incorporate them into the best possible trial presentation for you.

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How well an attorney handles evidence can easily be the deciding factor in your case. At Fergus, A Law Office, I am a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience that comes only with managing voluminous evidence. To schedule a consultation, call 866-256-5487 or contact me online. From my office in San Francisco, California, I represent people nationwide.