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Reviewing statistics on copyright infringement

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If you are frustrated because your copyrighted work was used without permission, you likely have a number of concerns. Whether you are unsure about your legal rights and do not know how to hold another party responsible for violations or you are dealing with high levels of stress, financial consequences and a shattered reputation, these cases are often very detrimental.

It is helpful to take a closer look at statistics on copyright infringement in order to develop a better understanding of this serious issue. Moreover, if you are a victim of copyright infringement, do not back

Reviewing data on those charged with copyright infringement

According to the United States Sentencing Commission, those charged with copyright infringement over the course of fiscal year 2015 had an average age of 41 years. Moreover, 87% were male and 85% had no prior criminal history. In fact, the median amount of infringement was $107,000 and more than 71,000 cases were reported to the USSC during fiscal year 2015. Some people do not take copyright infringement cases very seriously, but these are often incredibly damaging cases and the impact can extend far beyond financial damages.

Factors that led to harsher penalties

The USSC reports that sentences were increased for those who wrongfully used copyrighted work for commercial purposes, as well as cases that involved counterfeit drugs, weapons and the risk of injury or death. Moreover, those found to have a supervisory position in the offense(s) also received harsher sentences, while some of those who played minor roles in offenses had their sentences reduced.



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