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Offering representation in crisis situations

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Anyone who follows the San Francisco Giants or other professional baseball teams knows that, at critical moments in the game, the manager may call for a relief pitcher, a pinch hitter or make other short-term changes in the roster.

These do not necessarily mean another player did something wrong, but that, at the moment, it is what the team needs to win the game.

There are similar situations in the world of law. Litigations involving business or even individuals with a lot of property at stake can quickly overwhelm even the best, most diligent attorneys. Moreover, there are situations beyond anyone’s control that may necessitate a last-minute change of attorneys, even though postponing a trial for any length of time could be difficult.

At these critical stages, particularly because there is a lot at stake, a client may wish to hire additional or replacement counsel as the circumstances require.

The lawyer at our law office, with over 35 years of experience handling the most difficult commercial and civil cases, has a proven track record of successfully stepping in to help or even take over cases at critical moments when a change in the game plan is necessary.

During the weeks before trial, our legal professionals can provide insight as to whether it is really to our client’s advantage to continue pursuing their position in their case. We also may be able to offer some fresh perspectives on how one should proceed in the case in order to increase the chances of getting a favorable result. Finally, we have in the past been able to salvage a case after perhaps an honest miscalculation or an unexpected, and unfavorable, development.



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