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The danger of startups leaking their intellectual property

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2018 | Intellectual Property |

Young and inexperienced entrepreneurs are vulnerable to giving away valuable information. After a few drinks and mingling, you and your business partners may run off giving away information to call attention to your unique niche in the industry. Unfortunately, this may greatly hinder your professional progress.

The excitement of venturing down the path of business prosperity may cloud your attention to discretion when it comes to the details of your business. Perhaps you have a new app or social networking idea that you can’t wait to spread the word about. Innovative ideas can spark curiosity and questions that corner you in divulging more information than you should.

How does this happen?

Typically, these leaks occur in the pursuit of gaining the attention of investors and during networking events. It is not uncommon for leaks to also occur during:

  • Conferences
  • Large and small meetings
  • Industry exhibitions
  • Discussions involving mixed company (competitors present)

Startups need IP protection

Startups undoubtedly need legal protection as business ideas and constructs are so new and fragile. Legal protection can help guide what is permissible to disclose and what should be kept out of earshot and filed for IP protection rights. This type of guidance is highly valuable for new and inexperienced entrepreneurs attempting to navigate their way in the tech industry marketplace.

If you are creating a startup company, consider all the angles you need to cover to protect your ideas and business. One slip of information can result in a mess of problems. You don’t have to suffer unnecessarily when you have the knowledge and legal power to back you up.



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