Peloton sued for extensive copyright infringement

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Intellectual property can be quite valuable. One reason is because it can be used over and over again. A book can be read multiple times and adapted into film, movies can be shown in theaters and transferred to DVD and modes of streaming, and songs can be played in concert, recorded, and utilized in film, television, and theater presentations.

While this versatility can render a property quite valuable, intellectual property must be monitored if its owner wants to protect himself against illegal uses.

One music publisher has recently done this by taking legal action against cycling-based company Peloton. The lawsuit claims that Peloton engaged in copyright infringement by improperly streaming more than 1,000 songs during cycling classes without permission or license. Many of the songs belong to popular artists such as Taylor Swift, the Beatles, and Adele. According to the publisher, the damages are in excess of $400 million. The lawsuit, which is slated for mediation, may have a profound impact on Peloton’s upcoming public offering.

Creative works enjoy copyright protection even if they aren’t registered. Registration of a work does provide some additional protection, though, and it makes it harder for infringers to support their position. However, as is the case in this situation, the copyright holder must identify improper uses of her work and take legal action to stop those uses and to recover compensation that would have been obtained through proper licensing.

Copyright infringement cases are often hotly contested because the damages in question are often quite high. This is why those involved in these disputes need to be prepared to engage in aggressive negotiations and strong litigation. Skilled legal professionals stand ready to help throughout the copyright infringement process.

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