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Ways to persuade a jury

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Civil Litigation |

Convincing a jury of the merit of your claim is the key to success. Knowing how to present a viewpoint that keeps jurors engaged and persuaded is not always easy, but using effective methods may make your claim resonate.

Helping jurors care about the defendant’s plight is vital for a successful case. Every jury is different, and it is not easy to determine the superior way to gain their favor for your client. However, utilizing these tips may be important for developing an effective case.

Evaluate the jury

Analyze the jurors. Evaluating peoples’ nonverbal cues is essential for jury selection and finding an impartial jury. It is important to not just listen to what they said, but to also consider certain gestures or movements that may be telling.

Get their attention

You need to grab the jurors’ attention. Presenting a case involves unfolding a story for the jurors to sympathize with. Share your case as though you are telling a story where the jurors may have a hand in choosing the correct ending.

Always be concise

The court asks juries to understand complicated legal concepts, and it is crucial that you use simple and concise language that they understand. Jurors may make quick judgments in trials. However, laying out the facts in a way that they are easily able to absorb increases the chances of keeping their attention.

Provide alternatives

Offer doubt to support your case. You need to put doubt in the jurors’ minds and convince them that your evidence is correct. Even if you do not have strong evidence, provide an alternative theory that demonstrates how your client may be innocent. Even if the jury only feels that there is a small chance of the defendant’s innocence, it may be enough to persuade them.

Make it personal

Engaging the jurors on a personal level may increase persuasion. Emotions play a significant part in peoples’ decision-making process. The more people can relate to a situation, the more likely they are to empathize and agree with the presentation.



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