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What should you include in a copyright notice?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Copyright Law |

Protecting content or product that you created allows you the freedom to continue designing your creations with peace of mind. An active and valid copyright may achieve this goal and enable you to maintain the rights to your ideas. 

While the process of seeking copyright protection encompasses a few procedures, one aspect you may hear about is the copyright notice. This is the visual notification that appears on copies of your work to signify a copyright patent and warn would-be thieves of the consequences of reproducing your work. 

Validating your copyright

According to Stanford University, while not required, a copyright notice has valuable benefits. One benefit is that people actively seeking your permission to reproduce or use your work may more easily locate you via the copyright notice. Another benefit is that even if you have a copyright, people may claim they never knew about it. A copyright notice protects you from that excuse by clearly signifying the presence of legal protections. 

For a copyright notice to provide valid legal protection, it must include your name and the date of publication for your work. It must also have the word “copyright” written somewhere along with the official copyright symbol with a “c” in a circle. 

Protecting your success

Achieving your professional goals may prove futile if concerns about reproductions of your work prevent you from focusing on new material. While an extra step in the process of creation, pursuing copyright proactively is an excellent way to protect your property and your career success. Should you even encounter a difficult situation where someone illegally used your ideas, the difference between you winning your case or not may rest with whether or not you have a copyright. 



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