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Identifying the unauthorized use of a celebrity’s likeness online

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Entertainment Law |

Whether you are a celebrity or you represent a celebrity who has died, it is imperative to address any unlawful use of a celebrity’s likeness. In the digital era, these abuses are especially common and the repercussions of misuse are wide-ranging. Aside from financial setbacks, this misuse is often very damaging in terms of a celebrity’s reputation.

Sometimes, the unauthorized use of a celebrity’s name or likeness goes unnoticed. However, when these violations are identified, it is imperative to take action swiftly. According to the Federal Trade Commission, some online marketers are responsible for false celebrity endorsements, which are very damaging for many high-profile individuals.

Reviewing why a celebrity’s name is used without permission

There are a host of reasons why people use the name or likeness of a famous person without permission. Sometimes, businesses or individuals fail to uphold the terms of an entertainment agreement and try to capitalize on content that they misuse. In other instances, people falsely claim that a celebrity endorses a particular product or idea, even if they are strongly opposed. With advances in technology, it is become much easier for people to carry out these violations and make it appear that a celebrity endorses a particular product or movement.

Reviewing the impact of these violations

Emotionally, these offenses are devastating for many victims. Due to the viral nature of online content, misuse of a celebrity’s name or likeness can spiral out of control in a matter of minutes. Sometimes, it is very hard for people to recover from these incidents and victims deserve justice for the financial toll of misuse as well as the emotional impact (stress, depression and anger).



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