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What should I know before entering a licensing agreement?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2020 | Licensing |

Having the ability to use someone else’s work can be quite beneficial in business. You do have to follow laws that require you to get permission to use this work, but if you do it correctly, it can beneficial for everyone. 

Inc. suggests that when you secure a licensing agreement that you understand all the terms of the deal because overlooking something important could cause you issues down the road. In addition, there are some important aspects of licensing that you need to be aware of so that you can get the most from this process. 

Important agreement details

You need to ensure that you completely understand the parameters of use in your agreement. Know exactly what you can and cannot do. Make sure that you stay within those limits and only use it as allowed by the agreement. 

It is also essential to note the royalties you will pay. Generally, you will have to pay for every item you sell. In addition, you will have a minimum royalty payment guarantee. You should note this right away to make sure that the minimum payout makes sense with your sales projections. 

Points to note

Licensing can be a wonderful way to bring a product to the market that the inventor has no interest in producing, but it can also be a mistake if you do not think it through. Never license something that does not match your branding. If it makes no sense, people probably will not buy it, so you will just lose money. 

You also should always check to make sure that you choose the right license. Consider if there is something cheaper that would work just as well. 



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