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What is a copyright strike on YouTube?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2022 | Copyright Law |

YouTube, an online platform where users can upload video content, has become increasingly lucrative in recent years. After all, according to Millenial Money, many YouTubers have multiple content-related revenue streams, including ad incomes, sponsorships, donations and even direct product sales.

If a user receives a copyright strike, these revenue streams are in danger. Therefore, those who earn their livings by posting YouTube content must take steps to avoid copyright strikes. They also should understand the harsh consequences of YouTube’s strike policy.

When does YouTube issue a copyright strike?

YouTube has a sophisticated algorithm that automatically checks for potential copyright violations and alerts copyright owners. Upon receiving notice of a possible infringement, the true owner may take a number of actions. These include the following:

  • Blocking the video from YouTube’s platform
  • Restricting the video’s viewership
  • Placing ads on the video to generate revenue
  • Receiving the revenue from the misuser’s existing ads

If the uploader did not have permission to use the copyright owner’s material, the true owner may request the legal removal of the video. This typically leads to a copyright strike, which is a form of punishment.

What can content creators do about copyright strikes?

Users who receive copyright strikes from YouTube are at risk of having their accounts fall out of good standing. This means the user may not be able to monetize videos or access certain account features. Unfortunately, simply deleting the offending video does not remove the strike.

Typically, a user’s first-time copyright strike disappears after 90 days, provided the offending user completes a copyright education course through YouTube. After removing the strike, YouTube is not likely to look kindly on additional copyright-related infractions.

Ultimately, savvy YouTube users must work diligently to create and upload content that does not violate copyright protections.



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