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Strong Legal Representation For Disputes Involving Fiduciaries

A fiduciary is a person or entity that has been given the responsibility and decision-making abilities necessary to manage another’s affairs. Often, these duties pertain to financial management. Unfortunately, problems arise, especially when dealing with financial issues.

At Fergus, A Law Office, I make it my business to understand both sides of the coin and represent my clients to the fullest extent of the law. As a lawyer, I have been retained by both fiduciaries and those represented by a fiduciary in numerous high-stakes, high-profile cases. I understand that these matters require careful planning, extensive legal knowledge and the accrued experience necessary to successfully navigate the proceedings. With over 35 years of experience practicing law in and around the San Francisco area – for clients both large and small – I am prepared to advise clients on their cases and their potential next moves.

How And When Do You Have A Case?

Fiduciary duties can entail managing monetary amounts in the millions and even billions of dollars. Rectifying breaches of fiduciary duty, therefore, can carry enormous implications. Instances of fiduciary malfeasance can include:

  • Mismanagement of funds/finances
  • Disputes interpreting the intent of trust
  • Imprudent or reckless investments

My passion and drive for my clients’ fiduciary rights and their overall well-being directly motivate my professional career. I have made a reputation as an accomplished trial attorney, able to deftly manage legal entanglements. I have also built a reputation of loyalty to my clients, implementing a combination of both compassion and strategy, helping clients make their pretrial goals a reality.

Sound Judgment And Advice

Before, during and after trial, I advise and direct my clients about their options and position their cases to present them in the best possible light. As my past clients can attest, diligence and time spent in court proceedings afford my clients’ cases a distinct advantage. Whether attempting to rectify a breach of fiduciary duty or pursuing other legal representation, Fergus, A Law Office, is prepared to deliver results.

With experience in civil and commercial cases at both the state and federal level, I am able to offer counsel to a wide range of potential clients and their specific cases. To find out more about how I can help you rectify a breach of fiduciary duty in California or anywhere else in the United States, contact me online or call 866-256-5487 today.

Representative Clients

“My experience spans a vast array of clients and industries, and I have a proven track record”